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Psychology is still in its infancy in the Caribbean and my intention with this blog is to educate and inform on the importance of psychology in our every day lives. I am a Neuropsychologist and my work takes me worldwide, where I offer psychological and Neuropsychological diagnostic assessments and rehabilitation.

My blog focuses on the psychological impact of international and regional current events and personalities as well as parenting.

I graduated with a BSc. (Hons) in Psychology in the first cohort of psychology majors from the University of the West Indies in Jamaica. I completed an accelerated M.Sc. in Cognitive Science at the University of Birmingham in England, where I conducted research on behalf of NASA in the psychological aspects of movement disorders. I returned to Jamaica in 1999 and advocated for the development of a PhD in Clinical Psychology. In 2006, I became the first graduate of the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program at the University of the West Indies.

I love the people I meet in Neuropsychology and I am obsessed by the 3 pound universe in our heads. I realized the Caribbean desperately needed qualified professionals in this highly specialized field, so I went on to post-doctoral training in Neuropsychology at Emory University in Atlanta and Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut.

I am a neuropsychologist in private practice in Jamaica providing diagnostic and rehabilitation services in Neuropsychology and Psychology for adults and children .

I enjoy world travel, food, a good book, great vino and good company.. oh not to mention a cool river.

You can follow me on Twitter @drtammyhaynes, Facebook Dr. Tammy Haynes or email me at drtammyhaynes@gmail.com

My Webpage is : drtammyhaynes.com I would really love to hear from you!


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  1. I’d like to see a Graduate program in Clinical Psychology as well as Forensic Psychology at The University of the West Indies Cave Hill, How do you propose we the students at Cavehill Campus obtain that?

    • Hi Ke-Andra,
      When I was a student at UWI mona campus, they did not even have a BSc in psychology ( I know , the stone ages). But a large group of students lobbied the head of social sciences for the BSc. Later on we lobbied again for the clinical psychology doctoral degree with stats to prove how profitable it would be for the university and how it would benefit the society and the Caribbean. Then we also had a head of psychiatry that was very keen on clinical psychology and wanted to see such a program develop. The university wants to see keen interest so make sure your arguments are solid. Good luck and make sure if it happens your lecturers are established professionals in their field preferably with doctorates. That’s the worldwide standard we want to aim for.

    • Dr haynes,I am David Nuhu,bsc human psychology,Msc in perspective.I knew about you through my linkinden account over the past five years.Your achievement has been captivating espescially to upcoming clinicians like us.Having gone through your past post’s,I am of the oppinion that You could make more impact in this arena.I desire to specialise in clinical psychology{MSC}.and hope to come to west indies.
      How could you rate your training and facilitation at Mona? Thanks

      • Hi David! Thanks for checking out my blog and for the kind words. The program in Jamaica only goes up to the masters at this point, we are still working on restarting the PhD. Keep going David I wish you all the very best.
        One perfect love
        Dr. Tamika Haynes

  2. Hi Dr. Haynes

    I am currently an undergrad student at the University of the West Indies (Cave Hill Campus). My major is in Computer Science and Psychology. Your blog was suggested through the clinical psychology course that I am currently enrolled in. After graduating I do hope to take up masters studies in the field or computational/cognitive neuroscience/brain imagining. Mention of your training in neuropsychology caught my attention.

    I would like to know from you, what avenues will be open for me after my masters. I see also that you mentioned there’s a high need for people in the neuropsychology field. What are the possibilities of private practice or working within hospitals if I go on to pursue training in neuropsychology.

    I am looking forward eagerly to you response.



    • Hi Azonya,
      Glad you read my blog. I also did a masters in cognitive science! Very instructive although i found out too late that it was also not my speed. Neuropsychology is my love. Depending on where you complete your doctorate the field of neuropsychology can take you to hospital settings , private practice or academia. Unfortunately neuropsychology is not open to you until you get your doctorate and post doctoral fellowship ( another five years after your masters degree is complete). After your masters however you can be a psychometrist ( testing neuropsych patients under the supervision of a neuropsychologist). Cognitive neuroscience mostly leads to careers in academia and research.
      I am currently at Yale finishing up a post doc in epilepsy and i should be returning to Jamaica to work in a hospital setting.

  3. Hi Dr. Haynes,

    I am an immigration attorney in the US defending, pro bono, a Jamaican national diagnosed with Schizophrenia in deportation proceedings. Would it be possible to speak with you more in depth about the treatment of the Mentally Ill in Jamaica and maybe have you collaborate on the case? Thank you for your time.

  4. Hi Dr. Haynes,

    I am currently an educator at the secondary level. However, I obtained my BSc. in Psychology at the University of the West Indies Mona five years ago (You actually lectured me in an introductory course). I have become fascinated by the field of Neuro Cognitive Psychology and I am making steps towards applying to a University in Germany to complete a Master’s degree in this area. How possible would it be for me to work in this area in Jamaica when I return? Thank you for this blog and continue to make strides in the field of Psychology 🙂

    • Hi! Congrats on your decision! Well at the moment neuropsychology is very young in Jamaica and so we have to market ourselves aggressively. If you dont want the hassle find work in a first world country to be frank. If you want to be apart of the change come home when you’ve completed your doctorate!

  5. Hi Dr. Haynes,
    I am currently working on my master’s in Clinical Psychology in Chicago. I have been interested in neuropsychology since undergrad. I am in the process of looking at PhD programs outside of the U.S due to my desire to learn and see more of the world. I am aware that the American Psychological Association does not give accreditation to most universities outside of the states. I am interesting in attending UWI. I am inquiring as to whether or not students who apply and attened UWI have trouble getting jobs in the US after receiving a degree from the PhD program there.

    • Hi Im glad you took the time out to ask me about this. I get this question a lot. Well first of all you can see the world without studying neuropsychology elsewhere. I woulds suggest that you complete your doctorate in neuropsychology and fellowship in neuropsychology in the USA due to the access to up to date information and imaging as well as research. UWI also does not offer a clinical psychology/ neuropsychology program at the doctorate level.Also you are correct the programs outside the USA usually are not accredited by the APA and as such getting licensed requires going through some elaborate hoops that could be avoided by completing doctoral training in the USA in an accredited program. is a pain. hope this answers your question.Good luck and keep in touch.

  6. Hi Dr. Haynes
    I’ve recently completed my BSc in Psychology and thinking of pursuing my MSc in Cognitive Rehabilitation.
    I seriously believe there is a demand for this area in the Caribbean.
    What are your thoughts?
    However, I wish to branch off to Neuropsychology for doctoral studies?
    Is this a wise decision?
    Would the transition be difficult?

    • Hi Tommica
      Thanks for dropping by. Simple answer: go straight into the Neuropsychology doctoral program. You can get into rehabilitation by doing the training at a Rehabilitation hospital. Make sure you choose a program that focuses on rehabilitation and neuropsychology.
      It is needed in the Caribbean.
      Good luck,
      Dr. Tamika Haynes-Robinson

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