Homosexuality: choice or innate.

In light of the raging debate in Jamaica about nature vs. choice regarding homosexuality, I am posting my retort to psychologists providing ex-gay therapy in Jamaica. Have patience learned readers, enlightenment is coming soon.have a look and tell me what your thoughts are.
Sexual arousal and sexual orientation quite distinct – Columns – JamaicaObserver.com http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/columns/Sexual-arousal-and-sexual-orientation-quite-distinct_11383185


8 thoughts on “Homosexuality: choice or innate.

  1. Wow! Are you not afraid of being stoned? Kudos to you for speaking up and contributing to the slow-moving but well needed advocacy of human rights and freedom for all. Very refreshing to hear from a professional as well 🙂

  2. I congratulate you on speaking up, not just for the courage it may take but for speaking up when it would be easier to just roll the eyes and rail in private against the bad “science” or speak about it amongst like-minded individuals. Brava!

  3. I am tired of the red herring argument of choice with regards to homosexuality and bisexuality. It makes no difference as to whether or not it is a choice, because we should tolerate, respect and accept individuals as they are, as they are causing no harm.

    Even if it were demonstrable that these orientations were choices, it would be unethical to provide therapy in any capacity other than helping the individual cope with the world that heaps abuse and violence upon them.

    Although I appreciate your debunking of homophobic and biphobic attitudes, I wonder how things might be if we refused to dignify such arguments in the first place, as the issue is entirely irrelevant to morality or function.

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