My thoughts at the beginning of 2012 have already come to fruition. Current Assange politricks brought back memories so have a look with me…

Dr. Tammy Haynes

2011 was a year of truths! Between twitter, Facebook, mobile videos and uploading your own take on the world, we were inundated with truths! Maybe not THE truth but certainly A truth. Nothing was sacred, hidden or given a facade. Revolutions began with a tweet and a picture and ended with uploaded videos of the losers consequence… Which was usually a gruesome death.
We learned many things this year from these resounding truths:
1. Bin laden was into porn and dyeing his hair…. Also he was really very old
2. Egypt was Mubarak’s heart and when the dust settled and power disconnected, Mubarak’s heart tried to leave as well.
3. Berlusconi had no limits and Italy had to find the balls to draw the line- sex lies and videotape are tolerated but money mismanagement is cause for divorce.
4. China may have a communist heart but it has a capitalists…

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