Passion is an action

I was trolling the Internet when I happened upon a little Ted talk on passion. Well it was more of a rebuke for lacking passion due to the primordial emotion of fear.
Fear sounds pathetic at first and so the natural response is defense. No I’m not afraid it just…. And then comes the [insert excuse here]. Fear immediately transforms itself into something far more palatable and usually, ostensibly noble. But it’s still mutton dressed up as lamb.

Apart from being a very true discussion, I felt a shift in my perception as one of the excuses he pointed out punched me in my eye. It was the notion that you could not pursue your passion because you have children. Wow! I realized that’s meeeeee! No it isn’t. Yes. It. Is.
But the real shift came when he said “what can you say to your child when they find their passion if you did not go after yours ?” (well more or less but you get the picture)
The answer is: NOTHING. Children learn what they live.
So I learned that you can’t sit around hoping for time to pass so you can get out there and really live because each second you do that you pass an opportunity to do just that.
The only way to provide an example is to be the example…..everyday.
So have a look and a listen to the entire talk and let me know what you think as I get back to my bold proposal that will take me back to my passion.