Upon reflection

2011 was a year of truths! Between twitter, Facebook, mobile videos and uploading your own take on the world, we were inundated with truths! Maybe not THE truth but certainly A truth. Nothing was sacred, hidden or given a facade. Revolutions began with a tweet and a picture and ended with uploaded videos of the losers consequence… Which was usually a gruesome death.
We learned many things this year from these resounding truths:
1. Bin laden was into porn and dyeing his hair…. Also he was really very old
2. Egypt was Mubarak’s heart and when the dust settled and power disconnected, Mubarak’s heart tried to leave as well.
3. Berlusconi had no limits and Italy had to find the balls to draw the line- sex lies and videotape are tolerated but money mismanagement is cause for divorce.
4. China may have a communist heart but it has a capitalists brain
5. Human beings can be truly barbaric especially when they think no one is looking or no one cares.
6. People the world over are sick of politics and the status quo! And the formal media thinks that story is boring!
7. Women can drive in Saudi Arabia but only if their legs aren’t broken first.
8. Wiki leaks opened the worlds eyes with a window into the hypocritical and backstabbing world of government relationships
9. Human rights is really an opportunistic figment of the imagination when it comes to politics
10. Apathy can also topple governments. Case in point: Jamaica

Lastly but in a Sotto voce: Europe’s economy is about to blow up and not in a good way either. This last one is not going to be seen on a video or tweet until the feces hits the fan.

The main truth learned is that change is inevitable and intractable. As Smitty from my old highschool would have said ….”it is coming up your bottom like a torpedo!” (although he was specifically referring to some ridiculously hard math exam, in which you were sure to get a zero!).

So with all this the world keeps on spinning and as these revolutions around the sun persist so will the revolution in our hearts!

My humble advice for 2012: set your intentions early, strap yourself in tight and no matter what happens keep putting one foot in front of the other. At times we may need to link arms and keep our heads down in the storm. Lastly, change is necessary. Change is the fire that molds the steel.


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