Of Tantrums and meltdowns

Girl in Tantrum that kinda looks like my first-born this morning courtesy of becomegorgeous.com

There is nothing quite like a surprise tantrum by an 8 year old to drive you completely insane. This very morning I had the privilege of experiencing one as I opened my eyes to the dawn. The tantrum was in protest to bathing before school. WOW! I had no idea water could bring on drama like that.

The drama continued for 20 minutes until I realized I was losing my patience and this was not going anywhere. So I called in for back up. The ever patient dad came to the rescue and directed the bathing despite the ongoing tantrum that included throwing herself on the floor and screaming. Sometimes when you wind yourself up its hard to come down.. or at least that’s what I told myself to back my hackles down.

In the meantime her younger brother decided to play the angel ( this is new for bath time) and rubbed his sisters back and stepped over her to get into the bath. Needless to say older sister’s rage grew indignant at this affront.

Drama continued through the bath and into the bedroom and through the dressing and into the kitchen… only cooled by a bowl of fruity loopy looking cereal. Then she was back to normal..whew!

We usually offer a choice of bathing first or food but today was not that kind of morning. Truth be told she may just have been really hungry and thus irritable. Combine that with a “fluey” mother with a migraine and you can see where it could have gone. So Cheers to the patient dads in the world!

Have a good one guys!


3 thoughts on “Of Tantrums and meltdowns

  1. I love love my patient and calm husband too! I think she may have been hungry too. My middle kid is BEAST when he is hungry. LOL! Thanks for sharing. Feel better!

  2. I prefer to give my kids a bath in the night and if they need it (accidents can happen) they will get a quick washup in the morning. I do that because I know I would be a screaming banshee everyday if I had to add that battle to the morning routine, it takes them 1/2 an hour to get uniforms on as it is!!! Just an idea to help preserve your sanity!! 🙂

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