My Charlie Sheen two cents

Ok after resisting for weeks I cant stand it any longer! Charlie Sheen demonstrates many signs of a more serious mental health problem than drug abuse and addiction- despite his fathers denial.
Personality disorders and bipolar Disorder are among a few that come to mind. Personality disordered persons tend to have co-dependent family members that rely on that one persons addictions and “quirks” to maintain their family dynamic of illness. To admit to more would require substantial change not just from Charlie but of themselves.
Listening to a few minutes of Charlie’s rants on ustream I am befuddled..not by Charlie who is clearly having some kind of manic indulging, but of the sycophants that are in the background. Where on gods green earth do people of Charlie’s ilk find these bottom feeders..sorry cheerleaders of human degradation?
Or is it that celebrities will always have followers no matter what they do with their lives. Someone will still want to be like them.
That only reminds me of the treatment Ms. Lohan receives for stealing where the courts are considering her plea bargain. If that were anyone else this would not be a question. She would already be in Jail.
Be careful who you admire and the traits they possess. If you want to be courageous, self confident or brave find a good mentor or get some psychological help rather than emulating those who only pretend..


4 thoughts on “My Charlie Sheen two cents

    • Hi Thank you for your compliment! keep reading. It did not take very long for me to establish this site but what matters is making sure the topics are relevant to whats on people’s minds and helping to make sense of current events.

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