Are Homophobic Jamaican Men attracted to homosexuality?

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I have often wondered about homophobic men and the connection between their fear of homosexuality and their own heterosexuality.  Basically , I wondered if men who abhor homosexual men are overreacting to this type of sexuality because they might be threatened by homosexuality in some way.

I found a little study known study by scientists conducted in 1996 in the USA, showing homophobic men were actually sexually aroused when they viewed homo-erotic movies of men only, in sex acts. In fact, they were the only group tested (controls of non-homophobic men was another group tested) that had any response, a.k.a erection, to the viewing of these movies. The groups were also shown lesbian erotic movies and heterosexual erotic movies.

The irony of this study is not lost me, especially since I live in an openly homophobic society. It is not uncommon for media and entertainment personalities and politicians to vociferously defend anti-gay laws and advocate violence against homosexuals.

I wonder, could it be these personalities in Jamaica may also find homosexuality perversely (in the real sense of the word meaning opposite) erotic? Also could their rigid stance be based on a defensive reaction to this arousal? hmmmm inquiring minds want to know and all puns intended.

There is an old Jamaican saying, ” throw stone in a pig pen, the one who get lick bawl out”- means the one who complains the loudest is usually the one who is at fault.

An additional Irony is the recent news ( that Male Prostitution is on the rise in Jamaica, much to the despair of Female prostitutes. Needless to say, the cleintele are high- end and often drive large SUV’s. They are also usually married according to reports by the male prostitutes.