Innovate! the new education paradigm on the horizon

Jamaica is suffering from paralysis of our Education system. Parents have a headache trying to find the school that fits their kids. They often come up short in locating an environment where creative learning takes place instead of rote. Students who are not in the average mainstream are shuffled out of the way and ignored. Teachers frustrated by overpopulated classrooms and empty pockets.

I for one opted out of traditional schools and my kids are having a great time learning and exploring!

This calls for a revolution!

Who’s ready?
Sir Ken Robinson and our very own Marvin Hall may just have the answer.



2 thoughts on “Innovate! the new education paradigm on the horizon

    • Good Question! In my opinion a traditional school in Jamaica is one operated by a religion, that houses over 30 students per class and teaches by rote rather than encouraging creativity and understanding through learning. This is very difficult to do when you are one teacher trying to impart the same information to 35 screaming kids.
      Non-traditional schools actually reflect the origin of “school” as a small group learning situation. Where children are taught according to their individual level of cognitive development.

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