No money, no love? What are the keys to motivation?

Ever wonder why you cant drag yourself out of the bed in the morning even though this is supposedly the job of your dreams! Why is Google consistently ranked in the top 5 best places to work in the world?  What is it about some jobs that propel their employees to leave  like rats from a sinking ship? How can you stay motivated in a learning environment?
How can we motivate ourselves to change our lives…
I found this interesting little video that animates what motivates us and no.. its not always about money, food, sex or shelter.

One thought on “No money, no love? What are the keys to motivation?

  1. Very interesting..I use similar strategies of autonomy with my staff…I allow each member of the team an opportunity to direct our staff meetings. I allow them to set their own agenda and execute..This i believe not only develops their leadership abilities but it also helps me to measure the impact i am having on them…I find they act in a way much similar to me. So i know i am doing the right things even if they complain at times. I wish more managers would be less Profit Motivated and more Purpose Motivated…Imagine what could be acheived if more managers took a keen interest in developing their staff..Imparting much of their own knowledge. without immediate gains….They would have a highly functional first class organisation…But i guess power is a necessary part of feeling accomplished for many…SAD..

    Thanks for sharing this link..I liked it..

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