Where in the world is Bobby….Fray?

With a 25 year history of drug abuse (including Ganja and possibly cocaine) and a 10 year absence from the airwaves, the renowned Jamaican Sporting Journalist, Robert “Bobby” Fray, has been found!
Where? well on some nights it’s on Duke Street, Downtown Kingston, on other nights its other streets in Downtown Kingston. A Place even Dog ‘fraid fi walk’ at night.
However Bobby Fray seems at home on these streets. Surrounded by the people in the community, assorted brown dogs and garbage, he wields his anger at perceived injustice like a drunken samurai.

This is not to say the injustices are not valid, but merely the passion of them has caused chronic intoxication and maybe insanity.

If you ask me, drug abuse plus raging anger can lead to mental breakdown. Sometimes even Psychosis. Environmental stressors are known to offer the right breeding ground for a gene gone bad. The trick is to catch this emotion early, decide how to manage it well and then… drop the grouse. In another post I promise to deal with where in the world is anger located in the brain.

How do you know you have a mental illness? when your mind and your behavior paralyzes your ability to function across all spheres of your life.

Families dealing with mental illness can contact Mensana Health Support Group
46 Lady Musgrave Road, Kingston 10
Tel/Fax: (876) 946 – 9489


2 thoughts on “Where in the world is Bobby….Fray?

  1. I had no idea he had a long history of drug abuse. It does seem to explain his situation a lot better I suppose. Listening to his ramblings you almost get the feeling that he is suffering from bouts of paranoia. Sad. I hope he gets help… and not because I miss his journalistic talents. He was a good commentator because he had the gift of gab… but he used way too many run on sentences in his articles. I always knew he was the author the minute I read one of his one sentence long paragraphs. lol.

  2. Everytime i read anything or see bobby fray on the streets it tears my heart apart. Where is his family and friends i ask. Is there no one who cares enough to stick it out and help him. I believe he is not too far gone that he cannot be helped. But for the grace of God that could be us out there. Help him and others in his position. They need our love and care because we don’t know what tomorrow holds for us.

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